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Current Affiliations

Rogue DNA, Inc. www.roguedna.com; Executive Vice President

Catawater Co. www.catawater.com  also Aqua-synergy (same owners and technology, but separate applications) Shareholder, Consultant & Representative

Synfuels International, Inc. www.synfuels.com; Shareholder, Senior Advisor and Director of International Liaison

VINLock, Inc www.vin-lock.com; Board Member & Representative

Flame Control International, Inc DBA www.flamemanagement.com; Consultant & International Representative

SOS-Seven Inc., Security Services, Seoul  Korea. Consultant/Advisor

Oxysure Systems, Inc. www.oxysure.com; International, Shareholder, Consultant & Representative

Octave Reservoir Technologies www.octavereservoir.com; Advisor & Representative

Blue Star Energy, Seoul, Korea. Consultant & Advisor

National Strategies, Inc. www.nationalstrategies.com; Consultant & Advisor

Thales Communications, Inc. www.thalesliberty.com; Consultant