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RGI provides timely, detailed, carefully focused and cost effective economic intelligence to corporate, legal and individual clients around the world.

RGI's specialty is information needed by our clients that is not available to them through normal "open sources".

RGI's economic intelligence complements our client's efforts to obtain the vital information needed in a wide variety of business and related matters. For example, RGI provides:

In brief, RGI provides the extra margin of information needed to protect a client's business and financial interests.

RGI associates have operated in all countries. They have been active in the world's "tax havens", in the former Soviet Union, and in countries which have particularly secretive business practices.

RGI's associates are compensated only when they are involved in a specific issue. These arrangements enable RGI to be highly cost effective.

RGI's guiding precepts in obtaining economic intelligence are probity, professionalism, and confidentiality. We do not identify or discuss our clients, and all aspects of our work are absolutely confidential.