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Mr. Mehdi Talwerdi was appointed as the Executive Vice President of Revell Group International, Inc., of Dallas, Texas as of July 1, 2011. He heads technical research and development and technical solutions for RGI in addition to his executive responsibilities.

Mr. Talwerdi is the founder, CEO&CTO of Rogue DNA Inc. of Vancouver, B.C. Canada.  Mehdi has built a strong management, operations and technical team.  In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Mehdi has been instrumental in leading an expert technical team in design and development of a series of global, dynamic and innovative technologies on material biometrics. Mehdi created a suite of innovative products to securely manage international travel documents within ever demanding smart border control requirements and developed a scanning system to identify genuine versus fraudulent documents and objects.

Mehdi holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and Geophysics from Texas A & M (ETSU). He also completed his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics at Texas A & M

In his role as Engineering and Product Manager at Dresser Wayne (Fuel control subsidiary of Halliburton), he established a strong engineering department and deployed the internationalisation of “Nucleus” retail fuel control product lines in Canada; fully integrated and approved for processing both debit and credit transactions.

Mehdi was the architect and managed the development of a state of the art retail fuel network solution to handle, dispense, monitor, inventory control, environmental monitoring, banking, unmanned controlled with automated alerting system for rapid  disaster response.

Besides technical knowledge, Mr. Talwerdi is well acquainted with the management side.  He founded InfoNet Technology Corporation in 1989, and for 11 years he held the role of President and Chief Technology Officer. In this position, he was involved in every aspect of the organization including implementing new customized solutions for major private and government agencies.

Mehdi established one of the early transactions processing switches in Western Canada to handle both private and bank cards through Visa Access Point with integration abilities to internet banking, eCommerce, detect and prevent fraudulent transactions using profiling and behaviour analysis.

He has hands on expertise on design and implementation of high pressured pipelines for fuel flow control and distribution systems; including the analytical processes on erosion and corrosions in high pressured pipelines to ensure safety and scheduling of preventive maintenance to prevent environmental disasters.

Mr. Talwerdi is the holder of many patents in material biometrics and has spent more than 25 years lecturing in universities and colleges in computer science, security and MBA disciplines in Canada.

He is a memeber of Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).